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Kitchen Remodeling can be tough and expensive not only you won't have a kitchen for 2-3 weeks you also need to make sure you're making the right decision with the cabinets and countertops you got, in kitchen remodelings there are also many small details that really make big differences like the crown molding for instance, or the under-mount sink or the type of backsplash you choose and the way it was installed, these little details are the one to make your dream home as nice as you want it.​We hope that our customers have high expectations about how their kitchen would end up looking after the remodeling because we do! Kitchen remodeling isn't a cheap remodeling project or something that you do every couple of years, our expectations are that you'll remodel your kitchen just once in your lifetime but still would love it every time you go in it! A kitchen is something that all of us visit at least couple times a day and we would like it to be warm and welcoming at the same time clean and classic and also comfortable for all of our needs. when you request a kitchen remodeling estimate from us, we will slowly go over with you about all the details your kitchen would need to be just the perfect one for you and your family, we will talk about which cabinets to go with, what type of countertop would fit best, what type of backsplash and flooring would complete our kitchen or even if we need to remove or add walls or have some appliances relocated, At S & I Construction we will work with you until you will get the perfect kitchen at an affordable price simply give us a call at 1(800) 434-1545 to schedule your free Kitchen Remodeling estimate!




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S&I Consultation Kitchen Remodeling started in 1995, and since then I’ve been recognized as an industry-leading interior designer in San Francisco, Bay Area. For many years, I’ve designed spaces with a creative and professional approach. From the initial strategy roundtable session to laying down the rug on new floors, I provide clients with expert guidance throughout the entire design process. Schedule a consultation today.






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